Continuing Education
Title The COVID-19 pandemic: implications for the management of contact lens wearers
Date 2020-05-13
Time 4pm - 5pm
Venue Pre-recorded Webinar
Video CE at Youtube and MCQ google form
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Fee $400 for non-members
Speaker Professor Phillip Morgan Professor of Optometry, Head of Optometry, Deputy Head of the Division of Pharmacy and Optometry,and Director of Eurolens Research at The University of Manchester.

The COVID-19 pandemic means that it is an extraordinary time to be a healthcare professional. This presentation will describe the current evidence around contact lens wear during this period and important recommendations for contact lens practitioners and lens wearers. There appears to be no evidence of an increased risk of COVID-19 due to contact lens wear. However, with many optometry and optical practices operating a limited clinical service and general heathcare systems becoming stretched, it is more important than ever that that wearers adopt lens care behaviours to minimise the chance of significant infections or inflammatory events – as eyecare practitioners, we need to help our patients with this. In particular it is key that wearers wash (and dry) their hands before both application and removal of lenses, with water not coming into direct contact with lenses. For patients wearing reusable lenses, correct daily cleaning of lenses and case care is also very important. Practitioners should consider their communication with patients at this time, and decide how any clinical issues will be managed when normal clinical facilities may not be available. All of these issues will be explored and discussed in this timely presentation.