Continuing Education
Title eHRSS series 1: A review of DMR and HTN retinopathy along with basic lab tests for optometry - Recorded on 17/6
Date 2020-09-23
Credit 1.5
Speaker Dr Hong Nguyen OD, Dr Jessica Neuville OD, Dr Helen Eng OD

Diabetic retinopathy (DMR) and hypertension retinopathy (HTN) will be reviewed in regards to clinical guidelines for screening, referral and co-management. A review on biochemistry and hematology tests will be presented with focus on lipid profile, glucose testing and complete blood count interpretation for diabetes and hypertension.


Laboratory testing provides vital data to aid in diagnosis, monitoring and managing systemic health as well as ocular health. Optometrists should have a basic understanding of lab test results for primary eye care. Extra precautions for contact lens diabetic patients will be stressed.