Continuing Education
Title Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF): The Philosophy and Technology
Date 2021-02-05
Credit 1.5
Speaker Professor Arthur Ho BOPTOM(HONS) MOPTOM PHD FAAO


Extended Depth of Focus Optics for CLs: The Philosophy and Technology Soft multifocal contact lenses are designed to image distance, intermediate and near light on the retina at the same time. Many optical principles and designs have been used for presbyopic correction including aspheric optics, concentric optics and several alternating annular zones. For some time IOL designs have also used extended depth of focus (EDOF) optics to elongate the depth of focus to provide clearer vision over distance, intermediate and near distances for the presbyope. Recently, EDOF optical principles have been applied to soft contact lenses and are now available for commercial use. This presentation will discuss the EDOF optical technologies, how they differ from standard multifocal optics and the rationale for their application to presbyopia and myopia control.

Learning Objectives.

1. Understand EDOF optical principles.

2. Understand the differences between common EDOF optical designs.

3. Understand applications of EDOF optical designs to presbyopia and myopia control.

4. Understand the clinical performance of recently commercialized EDOF soft contact lenses.