Continuing Education
Title Myopia control with DIMS lens- 3 years results (Pre-recorded)
Date 2021-09-18
Time Availability of the pre-recorded video: 18 Aug 2021 to 18 Sep 2021
Availability of the MCQ (pre-recorded video): 18 Aug 2021 to 2 Oct 2021
Venue Youtube private chanel
Credit 1
Fee Waived
Speaker Prof. Carly Lam, Professor of the School of Optometry, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

 Code: MULT2103

(jointly organized by HKAPPO x HKSPO x HOYA 香港執業眼科視光師協會 X 香港眼科視光師學會 X 豪雅鏡片有限公司合辦)

Abstract 內容概要

The Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (DIMS) Spectacle Lens was co-developed by the School of Optometry, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and their research collaborator Hoya Vision Care for myopia control. A 2-year randomized clinical trial has shown the lens to be effective and slowed myopia progression by 59%. This presentation will report the 3 rd year follow-up findings, which shows that the myopia control effect was sustained through the three years of lens wear. The DIMS lens offers a myopia control solution with the least disruptive requirements amongst many alternatives.

香港理工大學及日本鏡片廠共同研發的多區正向光學離焦鏡(DIMS),之前刊登的兩年隨機分配臨床實驗證實能有效減慢近視加深 59%。最近的第三年數據亦證明其持續而有效的控制近視效果,今次講座會由林教授為大家拆解 DIMS 第三年的近視控制數據。