HKSPO Member Benefits & Services
HKSPO provides a range of services and benefits for its members. These include:
  • Representation
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Publications
  • Optometrists Board
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Advise to community
  • International role
  • Industry liaison
  • Public relations
  • Relations with other professional groups
  • Scholarship
HKSPO act for the interests of optometrists in Hong Kong to communicate with the government to maintain the profession's position in the delivery of primary eye care.
Professional Indemnity Insurance
The Society provides members with professional indemnity insurance that covers for claims of malpractice.
The Society publishes and supplies its members with regular publications including:
  • Clinical and Experimental Optometry (electronic version),
  • Official Newsletter – The Hong Kong Optometry
  • Job advertisement
Optometrists Board
HKSPO maintains a close relationship with the Optometry Board of Hong Kong.
Continuing Professional Development
HKSPO is a recognized provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) education for optometrists in HK. It holds regular local and overseas conferences and seminars.
Advice to the community
We provides advice on optometry, vision and eye care to:
  • public, including arranged and promoted eye care screenings and seminars
  • government departments, private bodies and health agencies
  • the media
  • other professions
International role
HKSPO is a member of the World Council of Optometry and the Asia-Pacific Council of Optometry.

The Society regularly communicates with many overseas optometric associations.
Industry liaison
HKSPO works co-operatively with other industry bodies such as the optical distributors and manufacturers and the contact lens industries.
Public relations
HKSPO regularly develops public awareness and information programs aimed at raising the profile of and expanding the public's understanding of optometry. Through annual campaigns such as World Sight Day and many others, the Society targets to promote and enhance the public’s perception of comprehensive optometric health care.
Incentives available to optometry students of HKPU.
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